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Water reducing and set retarding admixture
  • Optimizes cement utilization
  • Improves the water impermeability characteristics of the concrete mix
  • Improves the workability of concrete mix
  • Improves the early and ultimate compressive strengths
  • Minimizes segregation and bleeding problems by improving the cohesion of concrete mixes

Flocrete P17 is a normal range water reducing and set retarding admixture. Flocrete P17 is specially formulated to enable the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively and improve the setting and finishing characteristics of concrete mixes. 


Flocrete P17 is available in 5 gal (19 litre) containers as well as 275 gal (1,041 litre) and 330 gal (1,249 litre) IBC totes. Bulk supply in tanker trucks is also available upon request. 

Shelf Life

Flocrete P17 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored at temperatures between 35 ˚F and 122˚F (2°C and 50°C).


  • Flocrete P17 complies with the requirements of Specification for Chemical Admixture for Concrete ASTM C494 as a Type A and D admixture, depending on the used dosage.


  • Production of high quality concrete of improved durability and lower permeability.
  • Hot weather concreting.
  • Applications where slump retention performance is required.
  • Architectural concrete applications.


Flocrete P17 is suitable to use with all types of Portland cement and cement replacement materials. Flocrete P17 should not be used in conjunction with other admixtures unless DCP's Technical Department approval is obtained.

If more than one type of admixture is to be used, they must be dispensed into the mix separately.

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