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Cement hydration controlling admixture (Formerly known as Hydrocon R5)
  • Reduces concrete waste in case of changing concrete casting schedule.
  • Excellent retardation for long time up to 3 days.
  • Excellent slump retention for very long concrete deliveries.
  • Saves transit mixers drums in case of accidents.
  • Reduces the needed amount of water to clean the transit mixer.
  • Chloride-free.

Flocrete HC5 is a liquid admixture formulated from selected polymers specially designed to retard the setting time by controlling the hydration process of Portland cement and other cementitious materials for long time. This effect can be used to keep concrete workable for long time starting from 3 hours until 3 days.


Flocrete HC5 is available in 5 gal (19 litre) containers as well as 275 gal (1,041 litre) and 330 gal (1,249 litre) IBC totes. Bulk supply in tanker trucks is also available upon request. 

Shelf Life

Flocrete HC5 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored properly in its original unopened packing at temperatures between 35°F and 122°F (2°C and 50°C).


  • Flocrete HC5 complies with the requirements of Specification for Chemical Admixture for Concrete ASTM C494 as a Type B admixture.


  • For wet type shotcrete.
  • For long-distance concrete delivery.
  • High-performance concrete.
  • Concrete wash water stabilisation.
  • To avoid setting of concrete in transit mixers in case of an accident.


Flocrete HC5 is suitable for use with all types of Portland cement and cement replacement materials. Flocrete HC5 is compatible with other DCP admixtures used in the same concrete mix.
If more than one type of admixture is to be used, they must be dispensed into the mix separately.

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